Q. Do I have to keep my car for the full duration of the finance agreement?

No, you do not. You can sell, part exchange or upgrade at any moment. Usually 12-18 months after purchase is a good time to upgrade. Subject to terms and conditions.

Q. Do I need a deposit to get a car on Finance?

No, you do not. Apply online or give us a call and we can process your finance application with no deposit!

Q. I have been refused credit in the past/elsewhere, does this mean I will be refused car finance now?

Don’t worry if you have been refused credit in the past or more recently by other dealers. Next Car are car finance specialists and we deal with a range of high street and bespoke lenders in order to offer finance to customers with good and bad credit alike.

Q. I am on benefits, will this stop me getting approved for finance?

No, it will not, we are able to accept benefits such as Personal Independent Payment, Child Tax Credits, Income Support, Carers Allowance, Working Tax Credits, Housing Benefits and Disability Allowance as a form of income and therefore can still offer finance in most cases.

Q. Do you take part exchanges?

Yes, we do. We always aim to give our customers the best possible price for their part exchange ensuring they get the best deal and lowest possible repayments on their new car.

Q. I am self employed, does this impact me getting approved for car finance?

No it does not, we help many a self employed customer with finance for new cars and commercial vehicles.

Q. How long does the approval process take?

How long do you want it to take? Apply now and find out how quick and efficient we can work!

Q. What documents are required?

Photo identity such as a passport or driving licence and a valid UK bank account.